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Exploring the Versatility of POM Tubes, Sheets, and Rods: Performance, Applications, and Leading Manufacturers


Exploring the Versatility of POM Tubes, Sheets, and Rods: Performance, Applications, and Leading Manufacturers”


In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, engineers and manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for materials that can meet the demanding requirements of their applications. One such class of materials that has gained significant attention for its versatility and performance is Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as POM. POM is available in various forms, including tubes, sheets, and rods, each tailored to specific applications. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the performance characteristics, applications, and leading manufacturers of POM tubes, POM sheets, and POM rods.

Polyoxymethylene (POM): An Overview

Polyoxymethylene (POM), also referred to as acetal or polyacetal, is a high-performance engineering thermoplastic known for its exceptional properties. POM exhibits excellent mechanical strength, low friction coefficient, high wear resistance, good dimensional stability, and excellent chemical resistance. These qualities make it an ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Performance of POM Tubes, Sheets, and Rods

  1. POM Tubes: POM tubes are cylindrical hollow structures made from POM material. These tubes offer a range of performance characteristics, including:a. High Strength: POM tubes have remarkable mechanical strength, making them suitable for load-bearing applications.b. Low Friction: They exhibit a low coefficient of friction, making POM tubes an excellent choice for applications requiring smooth, low-wear surfaces.c. Chemical Resistance: POM tubes are resistant to various chemicals, ensuring their durability in corrosive environments.d. Dimensional Stability: They maintain their shape and size under different environmental conditions, ensuring precise tolerances in various applications.
  2. POM Sheets: POM sheets are flat, solid panels of POM material with performance characteristics such as:a. Toughness: POM sheets have exceptional toughness and impact resistance, making them ideal for applications that require durability and resistance to cracking.b. Machinability: They are easily machinable, allowing for complex shapes and precise fabrication.c. Electrical Insulation: POM sheets possess good electrical insulating properties, making them suitable for electrical and electronic applications.
  3. POM Rods: POM rods are solid, cylindrical bars made from POM material. Their notable performance attributes include:a. Wear Resistance: POM rods have excellent wear resistance, making them suitable for applications involving constant friction and abrasion.b. Low Moisture Absorption: They have low moisture absorption rates, maintaining their properties in humid environments.c. Good Impact Strength: POM rods offer good impact strength, ensuring long-term reliability in dynamic applications.

Applications of POM Tubes, Sheets, and Rods

Now that we’ve explored the performance characteristics of POM tubes, sheets, and rods, let’s dive into their diverse range of applications:

  1. Automotive Industry: POM components, including bushings, gears, and bearings, are widely used in the automotive industry due to their exceptional wear resistance and low friction properties.
  2. Manufacturing and Machinery: POM’s dimensional stability and machinability make it a popular choice for manufacturing and machinery components like conveyor belts, rollers, and cutting boards.
  3. Electrical and Electronics: POM sheets are used in electrical and electronic applications, such as insulating components and connectors, thanks to their electrical insulation properties.
  4. Medical Devices: POM’s biocompatibility and resistance to chemicals and sterilization methods make it suitable for various medical devices, including surgical instruments and implantable components.
  5. Food Processing: POM’s resistance to moisture and chemicals makes it a preferred material for food processing equipment, such as conveyor chains, gears, and cutting boards.
  6. Aerospace and Aviation: POM’s combination of lightweight and high strength properties makes it an attractive choice for components in the aerospace and aviation industries, including interior cabin parts and gears.

Leading Manufacturers of POM Tubes, Sheets, and Rods

When it comes to sourcing high-quality POM materials, it’s essential to choose reputable manufacturers. Here are some well-known manufacturers known for their POM products:

  1. DuPont™ Delrin®: DuPont™ Delrin® is a leading brand in the world of POM materials. They offer a wide range of POM products, including tubes, sheets, and rods, known for their consistent quality and performance.
  2. Ensinger: Ensinger is a global manufacturer with a strong presence in the POM market. They offer a variety of POM products tailored to specific industrial applications.
  3. Tecaform™: Tecaform™, a brand of Ensinger, specializes in POM materials and provides a comprehensive range of POM tubes, sheets, and rods for various applications.
  4. Quadrant Engineering Plastics: Quadrant Engineering Plastics is a reliable supplier of POM materials under the Ertacetal® brand. Their POM products are known for their precision and durability.


Polyoxymethylene (POM) is a versatile engineering thermoplastic that finds widespread use in various industries due to its exceptional performance characteristics. POM tubes, sheets, and rods cater to specific application requirements, offering high strength, low friction, chemical resistance, and much more. Choosing a reputable manufacturer is crucial to ensure the quality and reliability of these POM products in your applications. Whether you are in the automotive, manufacturing, medical, or aerospace industry, POM materials can be the solution to enhance the performance and longevity of your products.

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